Theme Thursday: Catchlights

Linking up with Micaela from California to Korea for Theme Thursday
This week the theme is “catchlights".

Honestly, I had no idea what a catchlight was so I had to look it up and then read the link Micaela provided in her post. I never really noticed them before or realized that they were desirable in pictures. 

The three little kids were napping and Edith was doing her math work so I took Frank and some bribing candy with me outside to get some pictures. 

Without the catchlights:

With catchlights:

It really does make a difference in the picture and am going to have to pay more attention to them when I am taking pictures. 

Next week the topic is closeups. 


You Should Go Visit Belvedere Plantation

If you live in central VA or willing to travel to central VA, then you should visit Belvedere Plantation in the fall. They hold an annual fall festival for about two months. Last year we went and the kids loved it. This year we actually bought season passes and tried to go at least once a week. At the beginning of each season they hold a sale where you buy one season pass and you get another one free so get on their mailing list to hear when it happens

The place is great because it is large enough to keep kids busy for four or more hours, but not so huge that you are spending most of your time walking. All the workers are very nice and helpful. They have a hay ride to a huge pumpkin patch where the kids can spend hours picking out a pumpkin or you can just buy one in their store. They also have a bakery that smells amazing and they sell kettle corn that actually is amazing. 

I only have two complaints...one, you can't bring packed lunches inside the grounds so you will have to go back to your car to eat if you don't want to buy their food which can be a little over priced when you are feeding a family of seven. Second, they have some areas closed during the week such as the zip lines. The other thing that is slightly annoying is there are some activities that require "eggs" to play so basically you have to pay extra for those. The season passes did come with a "free" eggs so each kid was able to pick out one activity to do, but still it seems like everything should be included in the ticket price. 

All that said, we will still be coming back and will probably get season passes again next year. I am not getting any thing for this review, but if they want to give me free passes or pumpkins I will take them. :)

They are open for two more weekends so GO visit them or you will have to wait for next year. We will be going back for their final weekend so if you see a family with a bunch of kids in overalls and rubber boots, it is us.

So now I give you a photo dump of all the neat things your kids are able to do there. 

Dirt is always fun to play in. 

Oh my, who knew a huge pool of corn could be so much fun to play in. 

I totally need Hubby to make me one of these so all the kids can brush their teeth at one time. 

The sad looks of kids who can't ride the pedal cars because they are too short. 

They have not quite mastered the rules of checkers. 

Paintball is one of the activities you needs eggs to play. 

In there store, they sell smore packs, but the kids didn't know that so they just enjoyed the fire. 

Riding out to the pumpkin patch. 

There is actually a number of other things that are there that I didn't get pictures of...a petting zoo, pig races, rope swings in a barn, zip lines, and I am sure other things that I just can't remember. 

Go visit them and your kids will forever thank you. 


Theme Thursday - Silhouette

Linking up with Micaela from California to Korea for Theme Thursday
This week the theme is “silhouette".

I am really liking this link-up since it is making me use my camera more which is always a good thing. I found that if I leave my camera in the kitchen, I am actually much more inclined to pick it up and take pictures. When it is in my bedroom in the camera bag, it is the ol' out of sight, out of mind.

I took the pictures before I started making dinner so about an hour before the sun went completely down which is around 6:30pm for us in central VA.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Besides for cropping the power lines out of the picture, I didn't alter them in anyway. I am not great when it comes to using PicMonkey. It always seems like I make pictures worse.

I think I like picture 2 better as picture 1 seems really dark to me. What do you think?


Things My Kids Say

The things kids say are way more entertaining then anything you find on TV. 


Frank: I want to wear the red shirt then maybe everyone will think I have blood all over me.

In the middle of Mass:
Harriet: Are we in church?

Ike (pointing to my belly): Baby? baby?
Me: Yes, the baby is inside there.
Ike: Baby goes (starts to fake cry)
Me: Yes, babies cry.

After someone insulted Frank:
Frank: Well, you smell like soap!!
Apparently the highest insult for a five year old boy. 

Frank: Edith, come check out all this blood I have on me.
Edith: Nice!

Edith: Mom, will you teach me how to sew? Alana learned to sew when she was six and I am SEVEN and still don't know how to sew yet.

After driving behind someone going 15 under the speed limit for way too long:
Me: Why won't this car go the speed limit?
Harriet: Why don't you just push them out off the way with your car?
Me: You want me to run them off the road?
Harriet: There is grass there. Just bonk them into the grass with your car.
Me: I think they might get mad at me and I would get a ticket.
Harriet continues to mutter to herself on why I won't push them out of the way. 

Walking by the kids rooms at night...
The girls room: Giggling and telling of stories.
The boys room: Explosion and engine noises..
That pretty much sums up the personality of my girls and my boys. 

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