My Christmas Gift!

If you don't follow me on Instagram you may not know that Keith Andrew finally arrived!

Moments after he came out. 

He came on December 17 at 4:17pm after one of my hardest labors. He weighed in at 9 lbs 8 oz and 20.25 inches long. I promise you the labor was hard no matter what my face shows in this picture an hour before he was born. 

Why am I smiling?

He is proving to be a happy and fairly content baby as long as he is in my arms which is fine now since I am not allowed to do anything except rest for another week. Anyone who knows me knows that this novelty wore off a couple days ago and what I wouldn't give to get up and clean a bathroom right about now. Oh well, maybe I can get a couple books read while I snuggle with my Little Butterball or "Teeth" as Ike likes to call him.

His cheeks are even bigger in person. 

For the non-followers of Instagram:

akahappyhomemakerI should be getting some sleep, but instead I am looking at him and praising God.

akahappyhomemakerBaby feet.

akahappyhomemakerI finally got a shower, I was able to join the land of the living room, Hubby is out getting the Christmas tree with the kids, and I have my early Christmas present....all is right in my world. #godisgood#bestchristmasever

akahappyhomemakerOldest son and youngest son. We think Keith looks just like Frank as a baby, but way chubbier.

akahappyhomemakerEvery little boy needs pjs with tractors on them.

I probably won't be blogging again until the new year so until then have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Remember Christmas is not just one day, but a season. Celebrate the season with joy, festivity and cookies, lots and lots of cookies. :)


40 Weeks and 1 Day

Sorry, blogging has fallen to the waste side again and it isn't because I have a cute little newborn to cuddle. Baby Keith is happy to stay where is he is for the moment. 

40 weeks and 1 day

To stay up to date on all the latest birthing developments, follow me on Instagram. It is pretty much the only form of social media I am taking part in right now. It is quick, easy and I don't have to hear about people's lack of intelligent political views. 

Just to give you a glimpse of what you are missing...

"If you clean the walls, baseboards, floors, table legs and chairs in the dinning room, you can watch a DVD." 30 mins later, I have a clean room and they get to watch a DVD on wolves. Win, win.

Thanks for the ear protection and water bottle. Now I can stay hydrated and save my hearing when I am shooting.

I got some awesome birthday gifts

Still need to hang some stuff up, but the school nook is up and running.

Birthing Supplies!

Greta showing off her pine needle hair accessories and Frank showing off his missing tooth.

Hopefully, you will hear more birthing news in the coming days!


Theme Thursday: Catchlights

Linking up with Micaela from California to Korea for Theme Thursday
This week the theme is “catchlights".

Honestly, I had no idea what a catchlight was so I had to look it up and then read the link Micaela provided in her post. I never really noticed them before or realized that they were desirable in pictures. 

The three little kids were napping and Edith was doing her math work so I took Frank and some bribing candy with me outside to get some pictures. 

Without the catchlights:

With catchlights:

It really does make a difference in the picture and am going to have to pay more attention to them when I am taking pictures. 

Next week the topic is closeups. 


You Should Go Visit Belvedere Plantation

If you live in central VA or willing to travel to central VA, then you should visit Belvedere Plantation in the fall. They hold an annual fall festival for about two months. Last year we went and the kids loved it. This year we actually bought season passes and tried to go at least once a week. At the beginning of each season they hold a sale where you buy one season pass and you get another one free so get on their mailing list to hear when it happens

The place is great because it is large enough to keep kids busy for four or more hours, but not so huge that you are spending most of your time walking. All the workers are very nice and helpful. They have a hay ride to a huge pumpkin patch where the kids can spend hours picking out a pumpkin or you can just buy one in their store. They also have a bakery that smells amazing and they sell kettle corn that actually is amazing. 

I only have two complaints...one, you can't bring packed lunches inside the grounds so you will have to go back to your car to eat if you don't want to buy their food which can be a little over priced when you are feeding a family of seven. Second, they have some areas closed during the week such as the zip lines. The other thing that is slightly annoying is there are some activities that require "eggs" to play so basically you have to pay extra for those. The season passes did come with a "free" eggs so each kid was able to pick out one activity to do, but still it seems like everything should be included in the ticket price. 

All that said, we will still be coming back and will probably get season passes again next year. I am not getting any thing for this review, but if they want to give me free passes or pumpkins I will take them. :)

They are open for two more weekends so GO visit them or you will have to wait for next year. We will be going back for their final weekend so if you see a family with a bunch of kids in overalls and rubber boots, it is us.

So now I give you a photo dump of all the neat things your kids are able to do there. 

Dirt is always fun to play in. 

Oh my, who knew a huge pool of corn could be so much fun to play in. 

I totally need Hubby to make me one of these so all the kids can brush their teeth at one time. 

The sad looks of kids who can't ride the pedal cars because they are too short. 

They have not quite mastered the rules of checkers. 

Paintball is one of the activities you needs eggs to play. 

In there store, they sell smore packs, but the kids didn't know that so they just enjoyed the fire. 

Riding out to the pumpkin patch. 

There is actually a number of other things that are there that I didn't get pictures of...a petting zoo, pig races, rope swings in a barn, zip lines, and I am sure other things that I just can't remember. 

Go visit them and your kids will forever thank you. 

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