Seven Quick Takes - Happy Mother's Day

I have been a horrible blogger. I am sorry.

Don't take it personally. I am behind in everything lately.

I could give you a long list of excuses, but I won't.

Instead I made a video.

I hope you like it. If you make it to the end, there will be a surprise for you.


Happy Mother's Day!


Our Easter Recap

He is Risen! I hope your Easter celebration is still going on because it is only Easter Thursday. If you don't care to see a TON of pictures of our Easter day then please feel free to skip this post. It might be a post only a Grandmother can love. 


 Our Table on Easter Morning.

Frank's Easter basket contained a shirt, some candy, a Melissa & Doug Pirate Sticker Set, and the book The Story of Saint John Paul II: the Boy Who Became Pope

Ike received a shirt, candy and the book The Catholic Book of Saints. 

Greta's Easter basket contained a shirt, some candy, a Melissa & Doug Princess Sticker Set, and the book Roses in the Snow: A Tale of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

Edith received a shirt, candy, Melissa & Doug Riding Club Sticker Set and the book I'm Bernadette.

 Harriet received a shirt, candy, a Melissa and Doug Fairy Sticker Set, and the book Joseph and Chico: The Life of Pope Benedict XVI as Told by a Cat

Edith explaining to us that there is no such things as Easter bunnies, but rather the Easter angels dress up as bunnies to deliver the baskets. We never told her that she just came up with it on her own. 

Harriet was all about jelly beans for breakfast. 

We managed to get ready for church in enough time to take some pictures of the kids in their Easter finery. 

Edith, age 6. 

Frank, age 5

Greta, age 4

Harriet, age 3

Ike, age 1 (He will be 2 next month)

Some brotherly love. 

You don't want to know how many pictures had to be taken to get them all looking in the same direction and sort of smiling. 

Easter 2015

We had an egg hunt later in the day. 

My kids are the happiest kids on the block. 

Happy Easter!


Our Passion Play

We did it. We completed our first Passion Play. Thanks to some fancy editing by my Hubby we have a little video that is decent enough to show people. The kids did a really great job considering they only had a week to prepare and memorize lines.

Please ignore my feeding kids lines, giving them directions and my constant telling them to speak louder. :) Next time I will give them more time to memorize lines and maybe get some other families to join in so we don't have to go through so many costume changes.


Did you do your own Passion Play? Link-up below or use the hashtag #kidspassionplay on Instagram.


Why You Shouldn't Wait

I was thinking the other day how some people wait to share the good news about a new addition to their family. I was the same way. I normally didn't tell people until I was 12 weeks or so in case the little one died. However, with Joan's passing I am not sure I am going to wait to tell people because you never know how long you are going to have with your child.

It might be 8 weeks in the womb, 16 weeks in the womb, 42 weeks in the womb or even a few hours on this earth. That child that you are carrying in your womb is a person with an immortal soul from the moment of their conception. They are your child, they are someones brother or sister, they are someone niece or nephew, they are someones grandchild or great-grandchild. Just because they only lived for 10 weeks in your womb doesn't mean they are any less a child because they didn't take a breath on this earth.

I completely understand the not wanting to tell people that you are having a child, losing that child and then having to go back and tell all those people that your child died. I really do. I was the same way. I had to do that exact thing 42 weeks after conception.

Does that mean if I get pregnant again I shouldn't tell anyone for fear that it will all happen again? No, it actually makes me what to tell people as soon as I get the positive pregnancy test. I want to share the news and let his/her siblings, aunts, uncles, and grandparents rejoice with us even if it is for a short time.

If God calls you to endure the greatest thing He can ask of a parent, then give your child a name and celebrate every year their entrance into heaven. You now not only have a child, but you have a little saint in heaven who is praying for you and waiting for you.

I know it is hard. It is really hard. There are still nights I cry myself to sleep for little Joan, but it does get better. As I said before once you realize that she not only died, but she also lived you will find greater peace in your heart.

Your baby is your baby at the moment of conception. Your baby has been your baby for two to three weeks even before you get your positive pregnancy test. Let us let the culture of life shine by letting everyone share in the joy of that life. Even if that life only last for a short time in your womb, it is still a life and worth celebrating.

If you have lost a child before it took a breath on this earth always remember that when you reach your heavenly home, you will find your child waiting there with a bouquet of flowers and saying "Thank you mom and dad for the gift of life."


Passion Play for Kids & My 5 Favorite Lenten Activities

I have a treat for you today or at least I hope one person finds it helpful. I was thinking of doing a Passion Play with my kids, but when I did a quick Google search, I realized that someone hasn't taken a gospel and write it up in play form. I at least couldn't find one so I decided to do it myself. 

I used The Catholic Children's Bible by St. Mary's Press. It isn't the best translation (in my opinion), but it does use language that makes it easy for the younger kids to understand and remember. I took the gospel of Matthew and prepared it in three ways.  

First, I took Matthew gospel concerning the Passion and wrote it out exactly. There are 13 speaking parts and most is read by the narrator. It would be good if you had a group of readers that wanted to read the Passion, but not actually act it out. 

Second, I took the Matthew gospel concerning the Passion and wrote it in form play. There are 14 scenes (including Easter), a list of speaking parts, a list of non-speaking parts and a list of items (props) needed. It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't. Most of the props you will probably already have around your house. If you had a really large family, a couple of families or a homeschool group, this one would work great. You could cut down speaking parts to make it more manageable to memorize or let the kids read their parts from cards. You could even have kids act it out with their stuffed animals, peg people or Lego men. You could do a big production or something simple.

A Passion Play for Kids (Long Form)
As you will probably figure it out, the words that are italicized are acting directions and not supposed to be read.

Third, I took the above Long Form Passion Play, deleted some scenes and cut down some of the speaking parts. This would be good when you only have really little kids.

A Passion Play for Kids (Short Form)
As you will probably figure it out, the words that are italicized are acting directions and not supposed to be read.

I plan on using the Short Form play for my kids and actually might have to cut it down a little more since all my kids are under 7. We will see how it goes. I plan on setting up a little stage for them out on the deck. I will also let them make some scenery with old cardboard boxes. For costumes, I plan of putting some of Hubby's shirts on the kids and tie a sash around their waist. 

As I come up with ideas, I will try to post them here in case you are going to do your own Passion Play and need ideas. If you use any of the plays, I am going to create a link up next week for you to share it so please come back and share it with us.  

Please feel free to use and share the plays as much as possible. All I ask is if you somehow become a millionaire because of this play, you remember me and buy me a fancy coffee. :)

*If you notice any spelling errors or can't access the files, please let me know!

My Five Favorite Lenten Activities that You Can Do Next Year

I forgot to post these pictures at the beginning of Lent, but I thought I would go ahead and do it now in case you needed ideas for next year. 

This is our centerpiece for the kitchen table. A wooden cross stuck in some clay, with nails and candles for each Sunday. The kids take turns blowing out the candles. 

This idea was from Kendra @ Catholic All Year. It was posted near the kitchen table so I could go over it with them every time we sat down to eat. 

This is Our Journey through Lent board. Each day had some sort of activities to do. Some was to say a prayers for someone in particular, to do a certain sacrifice, pray the Stations, and on feast days I wrote something that would be fun like to do a craft or get to go to the park. The kids also took turns to color in the box so they knew how many days we have until Easter. The kids really like it so I think this is going to be a yearly thing. 

We keep all the Lent and Easter books out in a special place and try to read one every night. 

I also got this idea from Kendra @ Catholic All Year. BEST IDEA EVER! For every good deed, every quick response to a chore, every act of kindness, every sacrifice, every time you say your prayers without hitting your sibling with the rosary, etc...you get to put a bean in the jar. On Easter Sunday, all those beans turn into Jelly Beans and there is great rejoicing in our house. 

*Bonus - Something for the Easter Season

I was thinking of doing some sort of Journey through Easter board since Easter is 50 days and so we will be celebrating for 50 days, but when I was on Amazon the other night I noticed this sticker calendar "The Garden of the Good Shepherd" by Tomie de Paola and ordered it on the spot.

It is a large laminated garden with reusable stickers. 

Then it comes with a booklet. Each day has a a bible verse to read along with an explanation for the sticker you are going to put on the board that day. 

Awesome, awesome!

Have a great rest of the week and remember if you plan to do the Passion Play come back next week to link-up so we can see everyone's play. 

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